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I worked a 9-5 job for many years and there were times in my office that work would become so boring and redundant that I would find myself scrolling through social media or day-dreaming. Picking up my phone became a bad habit that was hard to shake, even on really busy days. I remember walking out of the building for lunch one day with my head in my phone, and someone said to me, Look Up Woman! Laughing while she made her suggestion, I looked up and apologized because I could've ran into her! It made me wonder if I owned my own business, (which I always dreamed of) would I let my phone distract me and continue putting my work aside or stay focused and get my work done. I think it's important to understand that entrepreneurship opens the door for freedom in some ways, but not at the expense of your productivity. Even though you may not like your current job, you can begin to implement small practices that can help you stay focused when you launch your business.

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