Five Ways for a Small Business Owner to Practice Self-Care

Posted by Tiana Littlejohn on

Running a business can be fun because you get to create your own freedom, but it can get very hard on those busy days or weeks. As business owners, we sometimes get overwhelmed trying to build the perfect brand. Overwhelming yourself as a business owner is an easy thing to do because a lot of small business owners wear so many hats within their business. Wearing all of those hats can cause unwanted stress that we should know how to manage in order to remain effective. 

We are going to share five ways you, as a small business owner, can practice self care. 

1. Get some rest!

A lot of business owners are used to “late nights and early mornings,” which can take a toll on your body because you are not getting the adequate amount of rest. Rest should be at the top of your priority list as a business owner. Set your work hours and stick with them. The more you try to work through a burnout, the more your business will suffer. No business owner wants to see their business suffer because of lack of rest. 

2. Make some time for yourself.

Make sure you are taking time off from your business for yourself. You should utilize your time off for rest and relaxation. Plan a weekend vacation or a simple spa day. Simply do something relaxing and stress free. When you return to work, you will feel refreshed and have a clear mind ready to knock out all of your business goals. “Me-time” as a small business owner is essential.

3. Treat yourself, don't beat yourself!

If you have met a goal, learned something new, or landed a new client/customer, then you deserve a treat! Go get some Starbucks, eat at your favorite restaurant, or bing-watch your favorite TV series. Treating yourself will keep you motivated and give you a reason to continue crushing your goals. No matter how small or big the victory is, it should be rewarded. 

4. Take a drive or walk. 

If you ever feel overwhelmed or need some space, come to a stopping point with your work and go for a drive or a walk. Driving or walking could help to clear your mind and relieve some of the stress you are enduring in the moment. 

5. Establish a morning routine. 

Since the pandemic, working from home has become the new norm. However, working from home can be dreadful and boring without proper structure. Start getting up in the morning as if you are actually going into the office. Yes, that means get dressed, do your hair, eat breakfast, have a cup of our signature BFO coffee, and get started with your work day. By creating a routine, this can help you become more motivated and it will help to get more tasks completed in an earlier timeframe. When you finish your tasks early, you get to rest more. 

Those are just a few ways for you to start your self-care regime, and you can even incorporate them into your morning/everyday routine! If you already have your own self-care regime, what’s yours? If you do not have your own self-care regime, will you be giving any of these a try? Let us at Black Female Owned know in the comments.


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